Mines Greek Life: #ThriveAtMines

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Thrive At Mines 

Mines students aspire to be, to do, and to accomplish so much. We’ve been like that all our lives. We’re the A+ students. We’re the achievers. But too many Mines students find themselves just trying to survive underneath those heavy expectations of outward achievement. Not us. We thrive. We embrace the challenge of outward achievement, but relish in the opportunity for internal growth. We value balance, and joy, and service to others as much as we care about exceeding the expectations placed on us by others. We are the Mines Greek Community, and we help Mines students do more than survive their time here – we help each other thrive.

We invite you to join our community. We want to help you thrive here at Mines too. Let us show you how we empower each other, how we make a real impact on the world, and how we are more than just a small group of college students – we’re a global community.


We empower each other to be amazing students, of course, but also amazing leaders, communicators, collaborators, and friends. We lift each other up and help each other grow and develop.


We strive to make an impact within our fields of study, of course, but also within our community, within each other’s lives, and throughout the world. We serve, we raise money for worthy causes, and we apply our expertise to solve the challenges facing people around the globe.


We participate fully, of course, as engaged students here at Colorado School of Mines, but we are also part of a global community of well-rounded, diverse, thriving professionals. Our membership is lifelong; there are over 9 million members of our organizations doing good work, and supporting our future careers, around the world.   


Coordinator of Greek Life: Isabelle Jeffries