The Critical Materials Institute (CMI) is a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary consortium led by the Ames Laboratory. CMI is an Energy Innovation Hub of the U.S. Department of Energy. Its focus is innovation to assure supply chains for materials critical to clean energy technologies. CMI carries out scientific and engineering research that facilitates more-diverse primary supply chains; more-efficient manufacturing, re-use, and recycling; and development of new materials. CMI also conducts complementary and supporting research on basic science, environmental sustainability, and supply chain and economic analysis. Click here for the main CMI website.

CMI research at Mines, in partnership with the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy, focuses especially on:

  • Process engineering to improve primary mineral processing and recovery, as well as secondary recovery through recycling of manufacturing wastes and end-of-life products
  • Material characterization
  • Economic analysis of material supply chains

In addition, Mines spearheads CMI efforts in education, training, and outreach and is part of CMI senior leadership.

Coordinator of CMI activities at Mines: Professor Rod Eggert
Co-coordinator: Professor Pat Taylor

Ongoing CMI Webinar Series
2019-Feb Lockheed Martin Mentoring Luncheon at Mines Celebrates National Engineers Week
2019-Feb The CMI Winter Meeting and 4th Annual Forum for Postdoctoral and Student Researchers was held at Colorado School of Mines on February 4-5.
2018-Dec Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Thomas Boundy and Prof. Patrick Taylor. They won the TMS Light Metals/Extraction & Processing Award for Recycling for their paper, “Towards Commercialization of Indium Recovery from Waste Liquid Crystal Display Screens.” They will receive the award at the 148th TMS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas on March 11.
2018-Aug Teachers Take Resources and knowledge Back to the Classroom
2018-May The Committee on Earth Resources of the National Academies held a workshop on Critical Minerals and Materials in Washington, D.C.
2018-Feb National Engineers Week with Lockheed Martin
2018-Jan 5th Annual CMI Winter Meeting at Mines