2018 Critical Materials Teacher Workshop

Teachers Take Resources and knowledge Back to the Classroom:  On August 10th and 11th, CMI hosted a teacher workshop to deliver lessons to ten teacher attendees centered around the CMI outreach tool kit.  An evening session at the CSM geology museum was guided by student side, Vivian Johnson, who skillfully guided teachers through the CMI exhibit. 

The workshop continued on the 11th where lessons that were developed and delivered by two past teacher researchers and two teachers who initially vetted the tool kit, kept the audience engaged for the day.  The workshop started out with introductory lessons in the geology and mining of materials given by Mr. Mark Leatherman; followed by a lesson in phosphors and energy efficient lighting, by Dr. Danielle Ladd and finally a lesson in engineering materials and recycling, by Mr. Matt Brown.  Teachers walked away with new knowledge of critical materials and resources for deploying lessons in their classroom this year.

The final cap of the workshop included an overview of how to contact CMI for school visits; museum visit opportunities and the online tool kit check out process at the museum. 

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2018 National Engineers Week with Lockheed Martin and Mines

On February 16, 2018, Lockheed Martin employees teamed up with Mines to mentor prospective students who are interested in STEM careers and the aerospace industry. The day started with lab tours and demonstrations hosted by the Critical Materials Institute, the Center for Space Resources, the Geology Museum and the Colorado Fuel Cell Center. The highlight of the event was the mentoring luncheon where 28 Lockheed Martin engineers who are Mines alums, joined 20 Mines students and 40 Colorado high school students. Lockheed staff rotated between the student tables to share “a day in the life of an engineer” and answer questions while addressing the many interesting career opportunities available.

Photos: General Research Lab Tours and Mentorship Lunch | Lockheed Martin at Mines

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Cynthia Howell
Research Faculty, Energy Education Specialist
Critical Materials Innovation Hub
Office: Engineering Hall Room 129
Phone: 303-273-3651
Email: chowell@mines.edu